About School

About School

Mount view English School is one of the reputed school In chitwan. It lies in sauraha, chitwan. It was established in 2045 B.S. the environment of this school is very peaceful that’s why it has been choice of every students.


In the beginnings, this school was very small and had been running by private owner. The facilities were no so more since 2017 A.D, this school is run by one of the social organization ‘The Green Society Nepal‘ now. It has increased the numbers of facilities for students, teachers as well as parents.


There is a big building having flat classrooms. There are enough computers for students and good library. There is a big playground for students. This school has provided pure drinking water.


The main purpose of this school is to provide good education to the students who are living nearby villages. Some parents and students are facing many problems to achieve good education in the further school. So that, it is established to stop that problem and provide good education.


The students of this school are well-satisfied because all the teachers are well-trained, qualified, experienced and helpful. On the other hand, many foreign tourists and teachers come frequently here. They directly communicate with students and teacher so, students are happy. This school organizes many internal programmes for the betterment of the students. So, this school has been hub for all the students.

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