School Facilities

Peaceful Environment

Mount View English School is located in the lap of chitwan national park .So the environment is  peaceful .Here is the absence of noise pollution .Here is an appropriate Environment to provide knowledge to the students

Sufficient Playground

Here is Available sufficient playground for all the students .It is about 24 Kattha. Students play various types of games.

Attractive School Building

The building of this school is very attractive.It has two stored.There are many kinds of trees around it.

Large Class Rooms

The classrooms are very large.Thes are sufficient for all the students.

Computer class with attractive computer lab

There is an attractive computer lab to provide computer education for all the students.

Science Lab

For the Science experiment there is a science lab.For the practical knowledge students are taken in the lab.  As innovation of science and technology has completely changed the learning pattern. So Scientific experiments have to be done in aseptic condition so to provide this, school has provided a fully equipped science lab and teaching pattern is focused more in practical way. So every week practical class of science runs here.

Dance Class

Dancing is one of the important subject which helps to boost up the dancing ability and creativity of those students who are interested in dancing.

Audio/Visual teaching in nursery and kindergarten

With the Innovation of science and technology learning process has completely changed in this environment. So to provide better education and learning pattern we have provided an audio visual teaching system in nursery and kinder garden. This has made positive impacts on the kids learning techniques.

Comfortable Vehicle

School has provided new vehicles which is comfortable enough for the students. This vehicle has reduced a lot of burden for the parents for transportation.

Extra Curricular Activities

Quiz contest

Dancing competition

Essay Writing Competition

Debate Competition

Drawing Competition

Hand Writing competition

NIbandha lekhan pratiyogita